About Library :

The most important part of college or Educational Institution is its well equipped library. Our college was established in June 1965. It is in the vicinity of rural area, with a flow of students coming from agrarian families.

The library is the most important part our college it caters to the needs of these students coming from rural area. Our library has good collection of printed documents and Journals. The library also provide the internet & reading room facility to the students and Staff. Every year there is an addition of reference books to the existing stock. Students and others come to know of these new arrivals through display of these books. Stake holders in the society and ex students can also avail of the facility of our library.

Library Collection :
Sr. No. Particular No. of Volumes Total Cost
1 Books 51052 38,75,497/-
2 CD/DVD 253 11,550/-
3 Bound Volumes 553 -
4 Journals 55 -
5 Newspaper 11 -
  Total - 38,87,047/-
Library Services :
  • Circulation Service
  • Reprography / Photocopy
  • Reading room Facility
  • Internet Searching and printing
  • Reference Services
  • Inter Library Loan
  • (OPAC)
  • INFLIBNET-Nlist (E-Database)
  • New Arrivals

Library Membership :
  • All Graduate Students admitted in College
  • All Faculty Members of the College
  • Ex Students
  • Management
  • All MPSC, Research Students
  • Faculty Members of the Sister Concerned College.
  • General Reader

Library Deposit :
Sr. No. Member Library fee per year No. of books
1 Graduate Students 50/- 2
2 Ex Students 1000+500/- 1
3 MPSC & M. Phil 1000+500/- 1
4 General Reader 1000+500/- 1

Library Advisory Committee :
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. V. G. Kale Principal
2 Dr. P. V. Mohite Asso. Prof
3 Dr. V. A. Niyogi Asso. Prof
4 Dr. B. K. Mane Asso. Prof
5 Smt. S. H. Patil Asso. Prof
6 Shri. D. J. Damame Asso. Prof
7 Shri D. B. Shinde Librarian

Library Open :

Monday to Saturday : 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M
Sunday : Closed.

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